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Food & Sex with Cat Meyer

Food & Sex with Cat Meyer

Today’s podcast is a really fun one. I discuss food and sex with Cat Meyer, founder of the brand, Head South, and host of Head South Radio, a podcast devoted inclusive, comprehensive sex education for all stages of life. The podcast is devoted to removing the stigma and shame around conversations about sex and sexual health. 

In the episode, Cat shares how food impacts our libido, and she shares some foods that can help support our sexual health. We also talk about timing and sex (spoiler alert: it’s okay if you don’t feel like having sex after a big meal!), and Cat shares how food can be a powerful tool to help us tap into our own pleasure—through understanding our pleasure through the lens of food, we can better understand what brings us pleasure in the bedroom. I had a huge awakening moment near the end of our conversation relating my own mindfulness practice of Intentional Eating to the bedroom (if you’re new to the podcast check out this episode).

Finally, at the start of the episode, Cat describes her Filipino background, and we get into Filipino food and her mother’s cooking. Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing Cat’s favorite chicken adobo recipe in Friday’s newsletter! 


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