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Intuition, Food & Freedom with Bella Lively

"Eat your food, and feel your feelings."

Hello and welcome to season three of the podcast! I’m so excited to be back with a powerful new episode all about using the power our inner voice and intuition to find freedom around food.  

Before we dive in, as you may have noticed, we’re now including videos in addition to the audio-only format of the podcast! This was at the encouragement of my audio engineer Tommy, and since the idea of doing video frankly terrified me (and still does), I knew I had to try it (I’ve found that if something scares me, it’s most often a path towards growth). I’ve even started a Mind, Body, Spirit, FOOD YouTube channel where you can listen or watch the episodes, although you can still listen to the audio-only version on all podcast apps. I’m not sure if the videos will stick, but hopefully they will add some value to the experience. Please let me know your thoughts!

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In today’s episode I speak with Bella Lively, whose work is dedicated to helping people access their intuition and their inner voice in order to find more freedom in their lives. She’s a coach, acclaimed teacher, and the host of The Lively Show podcast. I’ve been following Bella for many years, and she’s been a massive inspiration in my life, helping me to let go of emotional blockages (which she calls bean bags), tune into my intuition, and fearlessly follow my inner voice (even when my mind says otherwise).

Today Bella and I go deep into her history in order to better understand how she found liberation around food. She describes her nine-year struggle with disordered eating when she was a teen and young adult, vacillating from borderline anorexia to binge eating (as a trigger warning, she shares this in detail from 06:27-10:40, in case any of you are suffering). She then explains how she was able to move from her mental obsession over food to trusting her intuition, eventually finding deep trust and harmony within her body. Bella outlines her stages of reintegration and how she was able to let go of the insanity of being tied to a number on a scale, which never gave her the happiness or inner peace she was actually seeking.

Bella also describes the power of embracing non-duality. Instead of putting ourselves into boxes and limiting ourselves with labels, she explains how releasing the mentality of good vs. bad / black vs. white / one vs. another, opens us up to a vast amount of freedom and ultimately our own sovereignty. This extends far beyond just food and eating but can be applied to any aspect of our lives.

For those of you who’ve ever experienced any stress around food and eating, who want liberation from diet culture, and/or who want to heal your relationship to food and your body, this episode is for you. However, even if you’ve never had issues around food or your body, this conversation is an invitation to explore something deeper—to begin to let go of the dualities that have come to define our culture in order to find a path of inner autonomy and peace. 

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Please let me know if you give the episode a listen, and I’d love your thoughts about the video format! I’ll be back on Friday with a brand new recipe (it’s a good one). Have a wonderful week, my friends. Remember to nourish yourself with intention and love

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