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Going Gluten-Free as an Award Winning Pastry Chef

with Liz Prueitt

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Hello, and welcome back to the podcast! Today I get to speak with one of my culinary idols,

. Liz is co-founder of the acclaimed Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, a James Beard Pastry Chef award winner, and the author of the cookbooks Tartine and Tartine All Day (which, as you’ll hear, is one of my personal favorites). She also publishes the newsletter Have Your Cake, in which she features gluten-free desserts. 

Liz shares her journey in becoming an award winning pastry chef all while having a gluten intolerance. She describes how she set aside her health issues for many years as she pursued her career, and how she finally made the decision to cut out gluten entirely. We explore the value of slowing down in terms of health—of really taking time to learn what our bodies need—and we discuss the challenge in prioritizing ourselves.

Liz also shares some of her favorite summer desserts and offers tips for summer baking. Stay tuned because on Friday I’ll be sharing Liz’s gluten-free Madeleine recipe, which she describes in the episode. I’ve made the madeleines several times since Liz and I spoke, and trust me when I tell you that they are not only foolproof, but absolutely delicious.

Sneak peak: Liz’s gluten-free Madeleines will be in newsletter on Friday!

Whether you can eat gluten or not, this is such an expansive episode, reminding us that it’s okay to change paths, even when it seems impossible. There’s power in committing to our own health, and it can open the door to delicious new discoveries.

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